The Best Custom Shutters on the Market

Custom Plantation Shutters from Sunburst give you the ultimate control of light, temperature, noise and privacy with the most durable and beautiful shutters out there. The first thing you notice is the rich, clean look they give to any window, but more and more people are selecting Plantation Shutters from Sunburst because not only do they look beautiful, but they provide better energy efficiency, are easier to clean, last longer, and add more value to your home than any other window covering.  Whether you’re looking at the Dixie Hill, Pine Valley, Steamboat Mountain, the Red Mountain or your own backyard, Plantation Shutters display your Southern Utah View Beautifully!

Polywood Shutters

Ovation Shutters

Sunburst Shutters are a Saint George Favorite

Shutters from Sunburst Shutters & Window Fashions add not only style, but value to your home.   Find out why more and more homeowners and interior designers are requesting our shutters.


Few things are as beautiful as a well crafted shutter built to compliment and enhance the style of your home. Our Shutters compliment any décor and establish a look that blends with every design style – from contemporary to traditional. Custom-made to fit perfectly in every window, Sunburst Shutters are functional works of art!

Added Value

Sunburst’s Interior Plantation Shutters actually increase your home’s value. If you’re thinking of refinancing or selling, Custom Plantation Shutters from Sunburst can actually increase your home’s estimated value!

Long Lasting

No other product on the market will last longer both in looks and operation than a well-made custom shutter. All our shutters are backed by our Lifetime Guarantee, one that we confidently stand behind because of our years of experience and our attention to detail and craftsmanship. Our shutters will never crack, fade, warp, or sag. If they do, let us know and we will repair or replace them.

Worry Free

Our shutters are manufactured to perform perfectly for life. In the rare instance where something becomes problematic, you can give us a call and we will send someone out right away. We manufacture our shutters, which means we can also FIX shutters. No need to wait for weeks and months for the problem to be solved. Simple as that.

They are easy to clean – just dust them like furniture or wipe smudges off with a damp cloth. You’ll find that cleaning your shutters is much faster and easier than cleaning any other window treatment. And with the Red Dirt in our Saint George air, cutting down on the dusting and cleaning time is something we all appreciate!

Superior Construction

Sunburst Shutters are built to withstand dramatic temperatures, humidity, light and normal use over long periods of time. Our materials are carefully selected and tested to ensure premium quality. Our finishes have been perfected over 3 generations to ensure that there is never a problem with your finish whether you choose our Polywood ® Shutters or our Ovation Shutters. Our manufacturing methods ensure dependable consistent quality in every step of the process and keep our turn around time reliable.


This is one of the things that really sets us apart in our area. A lot of people say they can offer you a lifetime warrantee (how many times have you heard that if you are building or remodeling a home?), but in the end, they cannot stand behind that promise. The difference with Sunburst Shutters of St George is that we CAN. And we DO. We are not only Suppliers of shutters, but Builders of shutters. Many years of constant efforts to learn, improve, and perfect our craft, coupled with the experience of building thousands of shutter means we KNOW HOW, EXPERIENCE and CONFIDENCE to fix a problem that comes up and can do it in house. No need to wait for weeks and weeks for it to be sent out to someone else. We rarely get calls about problems with our shutters, but when trouble arises, we WILL answer the phone, and we WILL get someone to come out right away. A lifetime warrantee that we absolutely stand behind. That’s a Sunburst Shutters Difference.

Start to finish

So how does the process work? That’s a trade secret. Call to find out! Just kidding.   It’s not rocket science, just good old fashioned customer support and service to go along with a great product and timely delivery. We love what we do and look forward to working with you!