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Remote Vibration Data Analysis

Do you need your machinery vibration data accurately analyzed?  If so, we can help!  We are the industry’s leader in vibration data analysis and achieved this position by developing and patenting the industry’s most accurate data analysis process.  By contracting VAI to analyze your data, a five (5) person team of fully trained and qualified ISO Certified Vibration Analysts will accurately analyze your vibration data.  By using our patented vibration data analysis process, we can quickly and accurately analyze large quantities of critical vibration data.  In fact our data analysis service is superior to all other service providers in terms of:

Our patented process is superior because we assign five (5) professional ISO Certified Analysts to analyze all data as part of a team effort.  Each team can accurately analyze your data for about 1/3 the cost to hire an in-house Analyst, without all the headaches. Furthermore, each member on the team has an ISO Certification, and these members include:

  • Two (2) ISO Certified Category II Analysts
  • Two (2) ISO Certified Category III Analysts
  • One (1) ISO Certified Category IV Analyst (fewer than 100 worldwide)

As a result of our multiple internal peer and supervisory checks, three (3) tiers of technical data analysis, and the patented process by which all data is analyzed, VAI provides exceptional accuracy, affordability, timely notification of machine issues, and many customer benefits including FREE 24/7 technical and emergent support.  And to top our process off, each team has approximately 100 man-years of combined technical experience.  So who do you want analyzing your data?  A professional team of five (5) Analysts, or one (1)?


Why Choose VAI?

A simple answer is, we can do it better, for less.  That’s because many industrial sites (possibly yours) have attempted to startup an in-house vibration program, but were unable to do so for many different reasons, including:

  • Choosing the wrong vibration test equipment and software. VAI knows what to use, because our Analysts come from many different backgrounds, and we know what provides the best data (our analysis is only as good as the data).
  • Under-estimating the complex and technical nature of vibration program management.  All of our Analysts are ISO Certified, and we provide additional training as needed to ensure our Analysts are the best.
  • High turnover rates of Analysts is one of the leading causes of failed in-house vibration programs. That’s because clients provide formal vibration training to their Analyst who then puts out a resume, and is gone.
  • Failure to management to understand what a vibration program can, and cannot do (unrealistic or misplaced expectations).
  • Not hiring properly trained and experienced ISO Certified Analysts (Cat. III or IV).  Clients believe they will be happy with hiring an ISO Cat. I Analyst, but VAI only hires ISO Cat. II Analysts, and higher (we KNOW what it takes to analyze your data, and we assign five (5) Analysts.
  • Failure of in-house Analysts to properly maintain the program and database due to non-core duties. This is often because management does not know what’s required to maintain a vibration program, and tend to assign many non-core duties to the Analyst.
  • Simply not knowing what the industry best practices are for a world class vibration program.  VAI has standardized this process, and we can have your vibration program fully up and operational within two (2) weeks.

We realize we must provide superior results if we are to remain in business, and have been doing so for nearly 15 years.  We started with one (1) chemical plant in Illinois, acquired a nuclear plant in Washington state, and have now grown to over 100 industrial plants worldwide.  If you are looking for someone to accurately analyze your machinery vibration data, we can do it.  All you have to do is collect the data and send it to us; we’ll do the rest.  We’ll even provide FREE on-site Data Collector Training and mentor your staff as they collect the first round of plant data.

Compare Your Vibration Program to VAI’s:

To implement an in-house Vibration Program:

  1. Your company must hire a Vibration Analyst. This Analyst would be solely responsible for data collection and analysis, reporting findings, database & route management (creation, maintenance and optimization), trending component issues, witnessing maintenance inspections, and supporting emergent off-hour issues (just to mention a few). The expected cost to hire a competent Cat. III or IV Analyst, with benefits, will likely to be over $ 120,000.
  2. There will be a constant battle between balancing non-core duties and what the Analyst should be doing. This will lead to frustration, incomplete program management, even possible machine failures. And if left unresolved, a high turnover rate.
  3. Your company should be aware of the following results based on your Analyst’s ISO Certification and experience:
  • Category I Analysts with no prior experience will know enough to ‘speak the language’, but may be dangerous to self and plant equipment
  • Category II Analysts with 1 year experience are correct about 70% of the time, but that means they will be wrong about 1/3 the time (can you accept a 30% failure rate?)
  • Category III Analysts with 5 years experience are right about 85% of the time.  Starting salary, with benefits, is around $120,000.
  • Category IV Analysts with 10 years experience are right about 90% of the time, but there are fewer than 100 worldwide.
  • And anyone claiming they can accurately analyze all vibration problems is either lying, or you won’t be able to afford their salary.

VAI can provide complete vibration program support.  In addition to the worlds most accurate data analysis service, we provide FREE 24/7 technical and emergent support. All you have to do is collect the data and send it to us for analysis. There are no costs associated with employee benefits, no formal training costs, no need to bring a new employee up to speed, no employee turnover issues, and we’re here 24/7 when you need us. All for about 1/3 the cost to hire an ISO Cat. III Analyst.

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Overview of VAI’s Data Analysis Process (proprietary patented processes are not included):

Step 1 (refer to above figure):

The first step is to assign an ISO Certified Category IV Analyst to perform a complete “scrub” of all new client databases to ensure all issues are identified and corrective actions are in place. This initial analysis includes the spectral, waveform and overall trend data, and a comparative analysis between identical machine trains to see if there are any outliers.

Step 2

Next, two (2) ISO Certified Category II Analysts independently analyze all new data for step changes, increasing trends and new frequencies as these indicators point to degrading equipment conditions. All issues are then forwarded to the Category III Analysts for a more detailed analysis.  By assigning two (2) Category II Analysts to examine the data independently, we eliminate the possibility of any low level issues slipping through the cracks. This is just one of many proactive steps VAI uses to provide accurate results.

Step 3

Then two (2) ISO Certified Category III Analysts independently analyze all issues identified by the Category II Analysts. These Cat. III Analysts are responsible for stating the cause and providing corrective recommendations for each issue. By assigning two (2) Category III Analysts with different backgrounds and levels of experience, an exceptionally thorough and accurate report is developed for all machine issues.  Also, VAI encourages our Category III Analysts to come up with all possible reasons so that an accurate analysis and corrective recommendations can be made in the next step.  In essence, our Analysts consider EVERYTHING to ensure we provide the most accurate reports possible.  And all for about 1/3 the cost to hire an -in-house Analyst.

Step 4

An ISO Category IV Analyst now performs an independent and high-level review of all issues. He then finalizes each machine report, quantifies the severity of each defect, and ensures all corrective recommendations are in place for your Maintenance staff to review. He also assigns a color code (BLUE / YELLOW / RED) so the plant can quickly locate the more serious issues.

Step 5

VAI then promptly issues an electronic report to the client.  Then, each time we receive new data, we repeat Steps 2 – 5 to maintain the highest level of component reliability at a minimal cost. All this for a fraction of the cost to maintain an in-house vibration program.

Benefits of Choosing VAI's Data Analysis Services

Superior Economy:

VAI’s data analysis service costs a fraction of what a traditional in-house vibration program would cost. All you have to do is collect the data and send it to us for analysis. THAT’S IT!  There is no software to buy; you don’t have to hire an on-site Analyst, and anyone can be trained to collect the data (VAI provides FREE on-site Data Collection Training (minimum 30 machines / month for one year)).  You would need to purchase or rent the test equipment, and we make that easy for you as well.

To support a Traditional in-house vibration program for 100 ‘critical’ machine trains your plant would need to hire and train a qualified Vibration Analyst. Your annual cost would be ~ $100,000 / year.  But with VAI’s service, your total annual cost to have the data analyzed would be only $37,200. Your only action would be to collect the data, and anyone can collect the data – it’s the analysis that’s difficult.  And don’t forget we provide FREE on-site Data Collector Training with contracts for a minimum of 30 machines / month for one (1) year.

Superior Accuracy:

VAI’s patented data analysis process provides superior accuracy (~99%) compared to any in-house program.  This is made possible by using five (5) professional Analysts to review the data and by implementing multiple independent peer reviews as part of our patented process (details proprietary).  We also analyze all data on three (3) levels of increasing knowledge and experience, and by pairing Analysts with diverse backgrounds and technical strengths. All together, VAI offers clients the highest level of accuracy, improved reliability, reduced maintenance costs, and fewer component failures. That is what you want, isn’t it?

Superior Efficiency:

VAI’s patented data analysis process is exceptionally efficient, because five (5) VAI Professional Analysts can more quickly and accurately analyze that you can do in-house, without all the problems, and for less!  The bottom line is that VAI can analyze your data, on average, for about 1/3 the cost of hiring a permanent employee.

Global Availability:

VAI’s data analysis service is available to any plant, world wide. All you need is Internet connectivity and the ability to collect your own data.


Additional Benefits Unique to VAI’s Services:

VAI Frees Up Your Key Program Personnel:

Consider this.  In a smooth and polished vibration program, 95% of all machines will be code “GREEN” – no issues.  That means that 95% of all machinery vibration data is good, but in order to find the 5% that are issues, your Analyst must spend 95% of his analysis time looking at large quantities of ‘good’ data.  Spending time looking at good data does nothing for your vibration program; it’s the bad data your plant needs to consider.  By using VAI’s, we filter out all the good data which frees-up your staff to perform additional testing, track the bad actors, perform field inspections and coordinate maintenance activities to resolve open issues. That’s what you want, isn’t it?

VAI provides 24/7 Emergent Data Analysis:

If you are a VAI client and have a vibration issue on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, weekends or off-hours, IT’S OUR PROBLEM TOO!   Just collect the data and give us a call. We provide this support for all covered machines, all clients, and at no additional cost.

Not a VAI client?  We’re available 24/7 when you need us, and accept all major credit cards.


VAI provides FREE On-Site Data Collector Training:

In support of clients who want us to analyze your machinery vibration data, we will AT NO COST TO YOU, come to your plant and provide FREE Data Collector Training. During this visit, we will:

  • Provide 4 hours of classroom Data Collector Training
  • Support / mentor your staff for up to four (4) hours while they collect vibration data
  • Verify all vibration data points are marked and in the best location
  • Collect digital images to support future troubleshooting (when needed for specialized components)

VAI’s Services Minimizes Employee Turnovers:

By hiring VAI to analyze your data, you can eliminate the admin problems associated with hiring a Vibration Analyst:

  • Job posting
  • Sourcing and screening new candidates
  • Interviewing and selecting candidates
  • Relocation assistance expenses
  • Formal training expenses
  • On-the-job “lessons learned”

VAI minimizes these problems because we do the “brain work” at our facility – all you need to do is collect the data. And for your convenience, we provide free on-site data collector training in the Continental US.

Worldwide Program Standardization:

VAI is a world-class service provider for the following reasons:

  1. Each Analyst is required to maintain their ISO-certification
  2. Each Analyst is assigned to our teams based on their level of certification, knowledge and experience.
  3. Each position on these teams has specific functions and job responsibilities.
  4. Multiple Internal, Peer and Supervisory checks are performed to ensure the highest level of accuracy
  5. VAI can meet the needs of all manufacturers and industrial plants worldwide.
  6. Our services are available worldwide
  7. Our methodology has none of the problems that plague in-house programs.
  8. Within two (2) weeks of receiving a PO, we can have your plant vibration program fully operational

VAI offers all industry a fully standardized world-class vibration program.

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